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Textas Articles

Editor's Letter

If only everyone had a superhero suit - it would make introductions so much easier. Why, you must be Texta Queen! And you work with Textas! Arlene Queen is possibly the most flamboyantly dressed of the artists we feature this week - although the performance artist clad in Y-fronts more

Quick Draw

My parents still rue the Christmas they wrapped a jumbo Crayola caddy of crayons, textas and watercolour paints in water-skiing Santa paper and stuck a label with my name on it.

Getting On With The Show

Presentations have come a long way since the days of Textas and butcher's paper.

Hands Across The Seas

SCHOOL children and teachers in the village of Gianyar on the Indonesian island of Bali recently received pencils, textas and pens to help with their schoolwork.

A Bright Squeeze

It's actually plain white toothpaste. The manufacturers simply put tiny coloured textas near the tube's nozzle.